Case Study: Anets Story, Your Help Changes Lives.

Your support changes lives. Here is the story of Anet, who thanks to donations from people like you has been able to make a better life for herself and her family. She lives in Uganda and has become part of Size of Wales and the Welsh Government’s project to plant One Million Trees (now Ten Million Trees) in a highly deforested region of Uganda.

—————————————- Anet’s Story ————————————-

Anet Nabumati is married with five children and lives on a small farm in Busiu, in the Mbale Region of Uganda. Prior to being involved in the tree planting project, Anet tried to set up some small income generating activities to help support her family. Brewing and selling the local alcoholic spirit of waragi was unfortunately, one of the many ideas that never took off for her and her family.

Then in 2011, when the Mbale CAP/ Size of Wales One Million Tree Planting project was introduced into Busiu, Anet was selected to be among the 20 contact farmers to raise trees and supply the other farmers locally. Anet had no prior skills or experience in tree planting but within a year, with training from the local NGO, “Share an Opportunity”, she and one other person were selected to run two nurseries and distribute trees.

When asked about the impact that the One million tree project has had for her Anet said; “The project has changed my life immensely. It has increased my household income as I am now paid to run the tree nurseries. I also grow and sell coffee trees to farmers in the area.With my new knowledge and skills I can now raise coffee plants, ornamental flowers and other trees, in addition to the original trees provided by the project, which I sell to pay school fees and take care of household needs.”

Anet has also learnt how to make improved fuel saving stoves from local materials which can be made cheaply, cook food very quickly and use less wood meaning less time is taken by women in collecting wood for fires.

“The fuel saving stove I’m using now is better than the 3 stone traditional cookstove I used to have for many reasons. The 3 stone type was consuming a lot of fuel wood while the fuel saving stove is not consuming a lot. The 3 stone used to cause burns for the children, they would sit on it in the evening and burn but since I have had this one we have not experienced that anymore.”

“With the three stone, the kitchen was full of smoke, it was a smoky kitchen, and this would cause tears in my eyes while I was cooking. With the new stove the environment is clean, and there is no smoke in my eyes so I’m very joyful to have the fuel savings stove.”

stove 1
stove 2

Overall, the introduction of the One million trees project has empowered women in the Mbale region. They have been able to become their own income earners, creators and innovators as well as have a large impact on the local environment for the sustainability of future generations.

Anet says: “The project has proved that women can manage nurseries, in some cases better than men who traditionally have done this work. On a personal level, the project has raised my profile as a woman and mother as I have become known regionally and internationally as one of the leaders of the successful tree planting projects. I am really pleased to be a part of the project.”