Tree Shopping List

Our Shopping List To Reach 10 Million Trees!!

To Reach our goal of ten million trees we plant a variety of tree species across 39 nurseries. Each tree and nursery cater to a different need. Read below about each tree species we plant within this project and then find out how many of each tree species a specific donation could buy.

  • Mvule.(Highly Endangered)
    -Provides hardwood for construction and carpentry.
    -Severely threatened species.
    -Fell younger trees for furniture, building and charcoal.
    -Grow haphazardly and slow growing.
    -Aids Soil Sustainability

Image result for mvule tree
Image: Kibo Group

  • Prunus Africana(Medicinal Bark)
    – Traditionally used for fevers, wounds, malaria, arrow poison alternative medicine.
    – Endangered.
    – Hardwood for tool handles, utensils, furniture


  • Grevillea Robusta
    -Fast growing.
    -Good for furniture.
    -Resistant to rotting!
    -NOT native, Australian.



  • Maesopsis Eminii
    -leaves grown as fodder.
    -Timber as furniture.
    -Shade trees for coffee plantations.
    -Able to live for 200 years!
    -Seeds can lie dormant and germinate with lunar cycles!


  • Mango Trees
    – Provide fruit
    – Improve Nutrition
    – Provide Household Income



  • Avocado Trees
    – Provide Food
    – Improve Nutrition
    – Provide Household Income

Image Erikampala

What Your Donations Can Buy!






Images – Size of Wales, Mbale CAP
Graphics, Hannah May Williams – Size Of Wales

By donating you will provide funds for the trees listed above. Above all you will be providing a stable income for communities in the Mbale region whose livelihoods have been severely affected by deforestation and who face the brunt of severe climate change.