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Tim Minchin gives 9 lessons for life

Tim Minchin gives 9 lessons for life

The great comedian and musician dispenses some of his life tips for new graduates.

Graduation speeches can be inspiring. Here, Tim Minchin proves that they can funny as well as inspirational.

The comedian dispenses some of his top tips to the new graduates of his alma mater, UWA. Check them out below if you haven’t got time for the video.

Source: Goalcast

1. Start with the small things

Unlike what most people will tell you, Tim recommended starting with small dreams. Concentrate on what is close. Do not cling blindly to a target in the distance, because you will miss the wonderful things happening around you.

2. Don’t seek happiness

“Happiness is like an orgasm: if you think too much about it, it goes away.” Focus on making others around you happy, and you’ll find it infecting you.

3. It’s all luck

Be respectful and aware of how lucky you have been. Always be grateful.

4. Exercise

It’s simple. Look after your body. “You’re going to need it.”

5. Challenge your convictions

While “opinions are like arseholes”, in that everyone has one, Tim believes that one crucial difference is that opinions should be constantly and thoroughly examined. That way society keeps challenging itself, and stops itself from becoming complacent. And prejudiced.

6. Be a teacher

At some point in your life you should be a teacher. Pass on your knowledge and your ideas to someone else, even if you’re not a professional teacher. “Teachers are the most admirable people in the world.”

7. Define yourself by what you love

Stop thinking about yourself in opposition to things, or people, or ideas. Be positive, and think positive.

Source: None

8. Respect others

Particularly those who have less power than you. You can judge someone’s character not by how they treat the strongest, but by how they treat those who are not as powerful

9. Take your time

So you don’t know what you’re going to do for the rest of your life. You don’t know what to study, or what to do after you graduate. Don’t panic. You’ve got time. Experiment, enjoy yourself. Hey, be a teacher!

This article was first published on Sep 9 2015.

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